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Nawang Sherpa

Nawang is our main climbing guide who has already summited the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest, more than 4 times. Sherpas are also reckoned as the born mountaineers and he is one of those real brave Sherpas who have got great leading skill and technical know-how about climbing. He belongs to Solukhumbu district and he is very much familiar with the high altitude peaks of Nepal and Tibet. Along with that, his English is also appreciable and hence, for the trekking and climbing of higher elevations, you couldn’t find anyone like him. With Nawang, you can feel secure and you will explore much more than with anyone else.

Thag Bahadur Ghale

Thag BahadurĀ  Ghale (TB) is our senior trekking guide licensed by Government of Nepal who also holds an experience of more than two decades in this field. He is the kind of person with great strength and enthusiasm with whom you can tackle with all the difficulties easily during your trek. With the knowledge of trekking and mountaineering; he is one of our ace of spade. Almost every corner of Nepal and important trekking trails of Tibet are familiar with him. He also attended and successfully passed the AMS high altitude training. And his fluent spoken English is what everyone appreciates the most. With TB, you shouldn’t worry about any obstacles during your trek.

Aakash Gurung (Suman)

Aakash Gurung (Suman) is the founder and director as well as chief trekking guide of Mountain Brave Adventures. Formerly, he has been involved in several other reputed trekking companies in Nepal and has knowledge about almost every corner of Nepal. Suman dreamt of establishing a trekking company which could provide quality service in the affordable price unlike other service providers, and Mountain Brave is the result of his hard work and dedication towards the fulfillment of his dream…

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