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You must travel worldwide to discover and acknowledge each gems of mother Earth. In that scenario, it is must important to visit Nepal once in your lifetime. Nepal, however is a small landlocked South Asian country, it is highly preferred by tourists around the globe to visit time and again because once is not enough to explore the vast magnetisms of Nepal. The first commercial trekking in Nepal was initiated from 1960s and since then Nepal gets flooded with the tourists from various nations. The alluring nature with diversities in geographical formation is the key factor behind the massive trekking in Nepal, but it is not the only reason. Well, the beauty of Nepal is beyond the explanations in words and far beyond the imagination from outer world. Diverse lifestyle and ethnicity of people with huge range of languages, foods and cuisine, uniforms, festivals and their warm hospitality and welcoming is also worth spending your precious time discovering Nepal. Nepal is mostly recognized as the top of the world due to the presence of the highest peak in world i.e. Mt. Everest along with other peaks higher than 8,000m as well as huge range of several small and high peaks widely. Many people prefer mountaineering activities in Nepal as well and thus, adventure seekers often consider Nepal as one of the best destinations for peak climbing activities as well. It has own history of climbing and mountaineering since it is the land of the mountains with world’s 14 highest mountains. Besides, Nepal is also rich in beautiful architecture and design. It was once a land of the best ever artists who were highly devoted in creating the eye-dazzling structures. The proudful fact is that, Nepal is a home to 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites among which 7 are within the capital city, Kathmandu. Whereas, Nepal is habitat for some of the rare and extinct species of herbs, wildlife and birds which are preserved in conservation areas and national parks of Nepal. This is the reason people often consider Nepal as a top choice for sightseeing tours and exploration as well. Hence, you need not compulsorily do only trekking activities in Nepal. Another important fact about Nepal is that, it is the second richest country in water resources. So, adventure sports like Whiter water rafting, Canyoing, Bungee Jumping etc are also trending in Nepal. Apart from that, Mountain flights, Paragliding, Helicopter Tours are also getting popular among tourists. In a nutshell, Nepal is suitable for all kind of travel lovers whether it is solo trekking, group or family trekking, honeymoon trekking, photography tours, sightseeing tours, jungle safari, or adventure trips; every kind of treks is possible. Nepal is waiting for you to visit and get the best of nature with the perfect combination of mores and quest. Inquiry now and plan the best ever trip of your life which will be remarkable for the rest of your life.

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